• Digital Product

    Access to digital resources, intangible products, which can be downloaded or transferred over the internet - digital graphics, server applications, books, and other files and streams, email lists, client website site access, website membership.

    Knowledge-based products - verbally and visually informative materials with unique concepts and methods that I discovered and systematized - presentations, courses, tutorials, talks, books, and other files and streaming media.

    Concept - abstract ideas, general notions, conceptions, abstractions, theories, hypotheses, beliefs, convictions, projects.

    Method - particular ways, forms, and procedures for accomplishing or approaching something.

  • Limited Edition

    Signed and numbered 200-piece editions of high quality copies of artworks.

  • Meeting In Person

    In-person meetings with Lena Nechet: consultations, lessons, courses, structured periods of time dedicated to learning, workshops, and other real-time sessions with formal instruction in a subject or conversation.

  • Original Work of Art

    Fine art originals, unique artwork, images created in the real world, using pigments, foundations, and other physical entities - fine art works, hand-made art pieces - are offered on this site by the artist.

  • Purchase

    Available items to purchase, prices, payment, products to buy now and on hold, and currently unavailable for order objects (sold, gifted, or lost), paying for services and products, ways to make a purchase, payment methods - all this is addressed in articles under this tag.

    Prices are quantities of payment or other compensation for services and products. I have a simple price policy.

  • Remote Interaction

    Sessions with Lena Nechet over the internet, phone or email.

    The ways to set up our interaction over the web would depend on your convenience, the most popular are Skype and Hangouts for videophone, and various webcast services like Younow.

    A conversation over the phone is the easiest to set up, as well as email.

    Please message me to schedule our remote meeting.