Descriptions of purchase and price tags.
  • Available

    Available artwork by Lena Nechet currently offered for sale on the art market.

  • On Hold

    Artworks by Lena Nechet that are on hold: in transition, currently exhibited, promised, , evaluated, and for other reasons.

  • Price Tier I

    Pricing Table I

    Prices with Payment Links

    The price links are for easy prepay through PayPal (includes credit and debit cards).
    Please let me know if you would like to pay with Google Pay.

    10 USD: $10

    Digital Product(one download).

    Website VIP Access (one month, one section).

    100 USD: $100

    Personal Sessions,Double-Hour: (2 academic hours, 100 minutes total)
    Consultation, Presentation,Language Lesson
    Interpreting Event (for each 2-hour slot)
    Translation(every two-hour increment needed)

    Mini-Artwork, One Piece

    500 USD: $500

    Photography Package: Photoshoot (2 hours)
    + Ten (10) Edited Photographs (Digital Files)

    Contact me directly to schedule.


  • Price Tier II

    $1K every item.

    Original Artwork

    Small paintings and drawings
    1. Single (one art piece), $1K x 1: $1,000 (USD 1000).
    2. Diptych (two pieces), $1K x 2: $2,000 (USD 2000).
    3. Triptych (three pieces), $1K x 3: $3,000 (USD 3000).
    4. Polyptych (four+ pieces), $1K x 4: $4,000 (USD 4000);
    5. Series set (five+ pieces), $1K x 5: $5,000 (USD 5000);

    Courses and Workshops

    Art Workshop
    Two-Day Workshop with All Materials Included, Twelve (12) Hours Total

    Each workshop: $1,000 (USD 1000).

    Language Course
    Ten (10) In-Person or Real-Time Remote Double-Hour Lessons, Twenty (20) Hours Total

    Each course: $1,000 (USD 1000).

  • Price Tier III


    Original Artwork

    Special Value Art Originals
    Medium Size
    • Single art piece: $5,000 (USD 5000).
    • Set of two and more: $9,000 (USD 9000).
    Large Size
    • Single art piece: $7,000 (USD 7000).
    • Set of two and more: $13,000 (USD 13000).
  • Unavailable

    Items that are not available for purchase.

    It can mean that the item has been sold, given, lost, kept for other purposes, or not in my possession any longer.