Artistic Logotype Design Service

If you need a unique and very special logo for your project, consider hiring an artist with a degree in economics to create it in a way it can satisfy your aesthetic desires, attract targeted audience, induce memorable positive feelings, and motivate action.

The images will be likely minimalist, elegant, and balanced in color.

 Design Stages:

  1. Design Brief

    After you prepay the basic service, we will schedule a one-hour interview / consultation to establish and systematize your wishes. We will discuss:
    • background of your business or project,
    • intended audience and practical applications,
    • style and colors.
  2. Questionnaire

    After the initial consultation you will be asked to confirm and summarize the parameters of the task by answering several questions by online form or email. A few examples:
    • Is there a specific date by which the logo design should be completed?
    • Are type treatment (text), an image or both needed?
    • Please describe your ideal customer.
    • Does the business have competitors?
    • What is the product or service the logo should symbolize?
    • Do you have a call to action or campaign?
    • What public image will it represent?
    • What formats and sizes are required?
    • Do you have a specific fonts or color scheme to work with?
    • Are there any restrictions? etc.

    Please attach any helpful images that illustrate your idea, taste, and preferences, and examples of the previous marketing materials.

  3. Design Work

    This stage usually takes 1-2 weeks.
  4. Presentation

    You will receive a small conceptual variant of the future logotype by email. It won't be perfect yet, but will accurately represent the concept and look almost like the final design, if accepted.
  5. Revision(s)

    If needed, adjustments will be applied, and the new version will be presented for your approval.
  6. Cover and profile images 

    - social media headings with additional text, if needed:
    • recommended dimensions (square, rectangular);
    • for facebook, youtube, twitter, and other networks and site pages, or covers and posters.
  7. Delivery - What You Will Get:

    1. The final logotype:
      • as a high and low resolution raster images
        • uncompressed .png files
        • compressed for web .jpg files
      • as a scalable vector graphics image for large printing
    2. Legal copyright: exclusive use license.


This is the list of logo design services with prices and payment links (PayPal and major credit cards):

Design Servises Approximate Duration* Price, USD
Logotype Design 2 Weeks $700
Logotype Design, Fast 1 Week $1000
Revision, each 1 Week $200
Covers, each 1 Business Day $100
Minimal Total   $700

* Duration includes days from the initial consultation to the first presentation.

Thank you for considering my service.

Please, text me with your questions and for scheduling after payment:

+1 (323)686-1771

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