Web Development

  • Interactive responsive website development,
  • Online public image management,
  • Web presence consulting.

If you would like to have a site similar in functionality to this one, LenaNechet.com, I can build one for you, using a robust business-oriented framework.

12 Stages

After the initial interview with you about your expectations of the project, the process of building your site will include these main stages:

  1. In-depth discussion about needs and goals, converting them into mind-map.
  2. Installing object-oriented PHP framework on your web space.
  3. Integrating components and extensions for extended usability. 
    For example:
    1. a backup engine with one-click backup profile and easy restoration,
    2. WYSIWYG article editor, back-end and front-end,
    3. smart search, forms, etc.
  4. Adjusting the template with CSS (style sheets).
  5. Categorizing and labeling of the future content.
  6. Designing site structure and navigation.
  7. Populating the site with your textual information and images.
  8. Search engine optimization (SEO), meta description and tags, internal links.
  9. Social sharing integration, buttons and badges.
  10. Managing site access and accounts.
  11. Testing site functionality
  12. Delivery and future service.

Web site design and development by Lena Nechet.
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