Additional services by Lena Nechet.

This type of service is driven and defined by you, my client.  If you need something specific knowledge or help, I will analyze your situation and set of data with you in a direct dialogue. 

This is just consulting - individual consultations regarding art, style, design, media productions, languages, or any combination of these and other topics.

You can book me for two hours to discuss anything relevant to my area of expertise. We can meet in person or communicate remotely via videophone app, webcast, phone conversation, or text.

Talk to you soon!


In addition to art, media, and language services, I still offer two special types of meetings:

Presentation - one-hour group meetings with a presentation about a fruit-based diet and ethical life choices analysis, illustrated by regularly updated set of scientific facts.

This presentation opens with an introductory talk, and is concluded with practical tips and a questions answering session.

Businesses can book me to improve the workplace atmosphere, and I will present to any other group: nonprofits, families, circles of friends or colleagues.

I've been practicing this lifestyle for over twenty years.

Lifestyle optimization is a personal service I offer to individuals on similar subjects. It includes my assistance in:

adjusting science-based recommendations for ethical life choices, especially in food;

simplifying life by choosing only the best and most beautiful objects, especially harmonious outfits that accentuate your beauty and personality.

Let me save you some time and share the best I know.