Price Tier I

Pricing Table I

Prices with Payment Links

The price links are for easy prepay through PayPal (includes credit and debit cards).
Please let me know if you would like to pay with Google Pay.

10 USD: $10

Digital Product (one download).

Website VIP Access (one month, one section).

100 USD: $100

Personal Sessions, Double-Hour: (2 academic hours, 100 minutes total)
Consultation, Presentation, Language Lesson
Interpreting Event (for each 2-hour slot)
Translation (every two-hour increment needed)

Mini-Artwork, One Piece

500 USD: $500

Photography Package: Photoshoot (2 hours)
+ Ten (10) Edited Photographs (Digital Files)

Contact me directly to schedule.


Title Created Date
Prices November 2019
Optimization November 2019
Consultation October 2019
Presentation October 2019
Gender Trance June 2017
Enclosed Ecosystem November 2016
Jungle Call October 2016
Match Street September 2016
Crown Thorn September 2016
La Jolla Canyon January 2016
Touch Extremity July 2015
Texture of a Day December 2013