Flora and Fauna

Flora, vegetation is plants considered collectively, especially those found in a particular area or habitat, an assemblage of plant species and the ground cover they provide, or any botanical characteristics of the environment - forests, trees, bushes, flowers, etc.

Fauna, animal life: representation of animals and other living beings, that usually have the capacity for spontaneous movement, and differ from plants and from people.

Title Created Date
Eternity in Flowers November 2019
Paradise Dilemma March 2019
Out of the Blue January 2018
Peel Off Reality September 2017
Enclosed Ecosystem November 2016
Jungle Call October 2016
Fall Religion October 2016
Inorganic Insistence August 2016
Locked by Light August 2016
Sumi-e Beach Birds September 2015
Pink Flower June 2015
Tree Flower June 2015