Vector and Raster Graphics

Digital graphical images, created using electronic technology.

Computer graphics - digital graphic art, raster and vector images created using computers (computer-generated imagery, CGI).

Raster images, or bitmaps, are digital images created or captured as a set of samples of a given space. Raster images are made of pixels - single points or the smallest single element in a display device. They are stored in files like .jpg, .png, .gif.

Photographs, pictures made using a camera, captured and modified reality presented in raster images - photos and snapshots.

Digital photography is the science, art and skill of creating images by recording light electronically.

Stills - static images, as distinguished from a kinetic or motion images.

Scalable vector graphics - vector-based images that are not made up of lines rather than a series of dots, they can be rotated or scaled to a larger size and preserve image quality.

Title Created Date
Media Productions July 2017
Logotype Design June 2017
City Farmers Cafe June 2015
Ashley Models for a Film May 2015
Alex on Coronado May 2015