Lightweight Art Grounds

  • Cotton rags and papers: less than 300 g/m (140 lb. ) - thin and medium-sturdy papers and fibrous support substances that are less sturdy than the heavyweight art grounds.
  • Canvases: light cotton ducks with finer texture, under 12 oz. per square yard, or other natural and synthetic textiles hat are used as an artwork support: linen (flax), recycled natural blends, synthetic fibers like repurposed polyester, pellon, nylon, etc.

Usually lightweight artworks need to be mounted or framed for a presentation or hanging on a wall.

Title Created Date
Virginia Triangle February 2020
Virginia Laughing February 2020
Competition Contemplated February 2020
Sleep and Dream October 2019
Diminishing Masculinity April 2019
Arrival of the Fourth April 2019
Paradise Dilemma March 2019
Girl in Blue March 2019
Night Comes October 2015
Touch Extremity July 2015
Texture of a Day December 2013