References include information about external sources - links, citations, mentions, names, and titles - and point out relations between informational objects:

  • notes recognizing a source of information;
  • names of the authors;
  • titles of specific publications containing authoritative facts;
  • definitions, standards, and their origination;
  • passages from publications,
  • mentioning, embedding, etc.

Definitions are statements of the meaning of a term:

  1. Intensional - give the sense of a term by naming properties that a thing must have in order to be part of the set.
    In logic and mathematics, an intensional definition gives the meaning of a term by specifying necessary and sufficient conditions for when the term should be used.
  2. Extensional - list the objects that a term describes).
    Extensional definitions are used when listing the members of a set tells the questioner enough about the nature of that set, or gives more applicable information than other types of definition.
  3. Ostensive - convey the meaning by pointing out examples of one or more members of a set, but not necessarily all.

A term may have many different senses and multiple meanings, and thus require multiple definitions. Definitions and axioms are the basis on which all of modern mathematics is constructed.

Standard is a criterion, an acknowledged measure of comparison for quantitative or qualitative value. Standards can be:

  • Objects that under specified conditions represents the unit.
  • Degrees or levels of requirement or excellence.
  • Sets of specifications that are adopted to allow compatibility.

Knowledge - useful information, facts, methods, tips, tutorials - presentations of concepts, abstract ideas, general notions, conceptions, abstractions, theories, hypotheses, and beliefs and convictions based on factual information and experience.

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