You can book me for two hours to discuss anything relevant to my area of expertise. We can meet in person or communicate remotely via videophone app (Skype) or have a phone conversation. A faster option would be to request a written answer to your question. Talk to you soon!

This type of service is driven and defined by you. I like to be time-efficient and specifically useful, so hopefully we can solve everything in one or two meetings.

If you need some specific knowledge or help, I will analyze your situation and set of data with you in a direct dialogue. We can arrange individual consultations regarding art, style, design, media productions, languages, or any combination of these and other topics. I am good in visual composition and color.

Consultations with Lena Nechet.Consulting


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, 323-686-1771

I accept payment via PayPal and Zelle under my business email

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