A few notes about our February 2024 gathering for a talk and possibly some dancing.

This is an approximate plan for the evening, you are welcome to make suggestions:

  • 5:00 pm - Greetings, drinks, arranging food - if you arrive earlier, come in!
    + I just realized that a few of us will meet a few of others for the first time so we will play a quick round of 2 Truths 1 Lie: Everyone will introduce themselves quickly, e.g. with name and main passions, and then tell us three things - two facts about themselves and one probable invention for the rest of us to guess which one is the deception;
  • 5:15 pm - writing custom questions for the philosophical game with 74 remaining questions, same rules, anonymously at first, you can reveal your authorship later;
  • 5:30 pm - playing the question-answering game at the table (please remind me to take a picture);
  • 9:00 pm - this dancing game (if we solve the sound problems from the last time, phone to hi-fi was an emergency solution); we could replace dancing with a pantomime-pictionary game, or continue the conversation. (PS: I fixed the laptop, moved the music to a hard drive, and will try to convert the dance playlists to Linux-playable, but at least we will have background music without interruptions).

Thank you, and text me with anything, see you soon!

  • How:
    • For games, we usually sit in a circle around a table. If we are under 8, we can sit in armchairs. When over 12, around two tables pulled close.
    • Why I divide couples? In short, to concentrate on individuality and to let partners appreciate each in a new way.
  • Who: friends, a person who you would like to accompany you
  • Place: Oceanside, California, Airport neighborhood, North of 76 and Benet or Foussat, on a hill behind a small river, the house is on the right, at the round end of the short destination street, easy street parking
  • Setup: inside, leave your shoes on
  • Dress Code: dressy casual
  • Food and Drinks: we will have simple refreshments, please bring your favorite drink to enjoy, food only vegetarian / plant-based, easy to handle and share
Private gathering.Game Night, Private Party, Small Gathering


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