Analytical writing - relationships of ideas or parts, possible situations, alternative responses, comparison.

  • My notes on the opening a discussion on critical thinking. Chris Nordin asked me to present this topic to the Open Minds group: "Are there areas of experience, such as a spiritual quest, which are not subject to critical thinking or which are beyond logic?"

  • When in 2010-13 my inbox became unmanageable after two of the online groups I managed became slightly popular, I changed the way I communicate in writing.  I published a statement about the way I treat mail, summarized answers to most common questions, explained my limits in time and qualification.

  • Study with a Real Person

  • It so happened, that art is an essential part of my life, and almost all I see I recompose and enhance in my mind in this captivating flow of existential vision.

    My childhood room was full of art when I was five: my parents' apartment was packed with books, and among them art reproduction albums, which were stored in huge piles close to my bed for years, and I went to sleep with images in mind from the greatest paintings ever

  • Wish to follow popular tips from prominent storytellers? Touch on sensuality, evoke fun and wonder, give a peaceful feeling, have a hero, but mix it all with suffering, provoke anger, scare and detest, - does all that create a good story?

  • Speaking more than one language can enrich one's worldview and help us to evaluate situations from multiple perspectives at once, as I have noticed in myself and others.

    However, the example below suggests that the surrounding couture might have a more significant impact. 

  • My reason for not having a child is complex, as reasons usually are, but it can be summarize like this: I did not find a possible loving father for my child with whom I could create the required stable and resourceful environment.

    Being unwanted child myself, I was never willing to impose such or similar situation on another being to satisfy my instinctual needs. I strongly believe that children should be born into love and

  • My free-style essay for a presentation of a modern artist, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, discovering and studieng whom enriched my life, thanks to Alla Bartoshchuk.
  • Maturity, independence,grown up years (25 - present +).

  • Another one of my short films got into finals at a film festival.