Digital graphical images, created using electronic technology.

  • This is the logotype for LTalks brand you might see on some products and profiles.

    I have designed it in one of the tangling styles I developed in ink miniature, but transformed it into scalable vector graphic. I had a few versions of this image, but the current one I like a lot.

    Let me know if you want a logo in this style.

  •  Artistic Logotype Design Service

    If you need a unique and very special logo for your project, consider hiring an artist with a degree in economics to create it in a way it can satisfy your aesthetic desires, attract targeted audience, induce memorable positive feelings, and motivate action.

    The images will be likely minimalist, elegant, and balanced in color.

  • These are examples of child photography and environmental portrait: an amazing boy Alex was having fun on Coronado, California.

  • This picture is an example of an environmental portrait on an event

  • An example of service photography for business: emphasizing the mood of the old style place. Phone on the wall, with the menu, and fun figures. 

    • The gritty look of the wall with menu in the cafe, with a phone and fun figures.
    • The window with some old rusty metal objects on it.
  • My parents married after dating for about three years, when my mother was pregnant with me for about three months. It was autumn.

    My mom's dress, especially the silvery roses covering the whole dress, was made on a big outdoor neighborhood party party in the center of Donetsk, where she grew up.

  • Media production services and products by Lena Nechetin Orange County, CA and worldwide: videography, hybrid  photography, websites, vector graphics, logos.

  • Videography services - promotional short film, video promotion - product demonstration, property presentation, interviews, testimonials, story based advertisement, events (special occasions, meetings, parties).

  • Photographic services in Southern California: portraits, promotional photography, event photography.

  • Visual designs by Lena Nechet.