Languages mentioned on the site.

Languages are methods and systems of communication.

  • I was able to maintain relative fluency only in three languages at a time. Switching between more than that many is problematic for me. But at various times, I was fluent in five languages in total:

    I love you. Я тебя люблю. Ich liebe dich. Я тебе кохаю. Te quiero.

    Before five, I spoke mainly Ukrainian, but also Russian. By twelve, I spoke Spanish (reviving it at 27 did not help). I started with


    Short news videos with transcriptions underneath, which match relatively close to the speech in the audio, and to the translations.

    • Switch language in the menu in the top-left corner of the page.

    This resource is very useful for people who know or learn

  • Translation and lessons, meeting by appointment (calendar), request.

    • German <-> English translation;
    • English,German -> Russian
      literary: prose and poetry;
    • Ukrainian -> English, German.
  • As a consultant in Russian language, I help people to communicate in Russian, and to better understand Russian native speakers in English.

    • If you want to practice literary Russian, our meetings will be based on dialogues, with some explanations and tips from a well-read native speaker.
    • If your partner's first Language is Russian, and yours is English or German, I can help you to understand each other better: we will sort out all misunderstandings, and establish the
  • Trilingual Interpreting: German - English - Russian. If you want to have a person by your side to interpret speechbetween you and your conversational partners in real time, I can use my fluency in all this languages, as well as my extensive cultural knowledge acquired in Europe and in the United States, to help you in a real time situation: in private and official conversations and meetings.

  • Translating from German into English and from English into German, I specialized in poetic, but also legal and IT translation (apps, sites, documentation). I prefer to translate poetry and poetic prose.

    Bidirectional German-Russian translation I offer primarily for literary works.

  • All directions:

    1. English (Englisch, английский);
    2. German (Deutsch, немецкий);
    3. Russian. (Russisch, русский).
    • German: beginner, grammar;
    • Russian: beginner - advanced;
    • English: beginner.

    For the minimal exposure to the spoken German language, listen to the daily 100 seconds of the most important news from Germany, on the first official television channel (ARD).