Art materials.

  • I strive to provide exceptional archival quality of my paintings for the art lovers and collectors. I primarily work with single-pigment professional paints that have highest lightfastness ratings. My ground of choice is 100% cotton - canvas and rag hand and mould made papers.

    I paint with ethically sourced or synthetic brushes and self-made tools, using eco-friendly materials whenever

  • An abstract drawing in red and white.
  • Ellen and Bob, 2014, archival pigment ink on paper, 6 x 4 inches.

    A personal symbolic logotype for a loving couple: the letters of their names interlace into each other, maintaining nevertheless their own character and integrity - their unity is expressed in a simplistic symbol.

  • Beach birds, La Jolla
  • Meditative drawing was my project for switching my mind off in the middle of almost anything else, at the time when I could not paint in the environment I was.

    It is started with zentangle-like doodling, but it looks like it never was about patterns for me, just about drafting compositional ideas.

    The principleis:

        Focus deeply on simplest possible drawing and see what is possible in