Depiction of the physical appearance of reality as perceived, objective and realistic elements in images, representational and abstract art.

  • Year: 2015
  • Videography services - promotional short film, video promotion - product demonstration, property presentation, interviews, testimonials, story based advertisement, events (special occasions, meetings, parties).

  • Photographic services in Southern California: portraits, promotional photography, event photography.

  • These are examples of child photography and environmental portrait: an amazing boy Alex was having fun on Coronado, California.

  • Melis Dueñas, a musician and filmmaker, on a film lighting set in San Diego City.

  • This picture is an example of an environmental portrait on an event

  • Types of portrait photography I offer:

    • Environmentalportrait - portraiture made in the person's usual environment, illuminating their life: photographing a person in their natural surroundings to portray the essence of their personality. Includes lifestyle portraits,and formal portraits.
    • Candidportraits are captured without setting the scene,
  • From analyzing proportions of my face to a character value sketch in acrylic.
    Year: 2019
  • A flower on a tree in South Park, San Diego, California, - this photograph demonstrates separation of the object form the background, with a shallow depth of field (DOF).