Stills - static images, as distinguished from a kinetic or motion images. 

  • Media production services and products by Lena Nechetin Orange County, CA and worldwide: videography, hybrid  photography, websites, vector graphics, logos.

  • This is the logotype for LTalks brand you might see on some products and profiles.

    I have designed it in one of the tangling styles I developed in ink miniature, but transformed it into scalable vector graphic. I had a few versions of this image, but the current one I like a lot.

    Let me know if you want a logo in this style.

  • Melis Dueñas, a musician and filmmaker, on a film lighting set in San Diego City.

  • A flower on a tree in South Park, San Diego, California, - this photograph demonstrates separation of the object form the background, with a shallow depth of field (DOF).

  • This mini rose I found in North Park, San Diego. The photograph demonstrates a shallow depth of field (DOF) achieved by using a fast lens: f/1.7 40mm eqv. 

  • An example of service photography for business: emphasizing the mood of the old style place. Phone on the wall, with the menu, and fun figures. 

    • The gritty look of the wall with menu in the cafe, with a phone and fun figures.
    • The window with some old rusty metal objects on it.
  • This beautiful airplane, Jet Falcon 50 (Dassault Aviation), I shot at the international John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, USA, when it landed there for one hour, arriving from Texas. This jet is beautiful, inside and out.

  • Happy Holidays!

    I wish you health and good friendships, and peace and progress to us all.
  • Types of portrait photography I offer:

    • Environmentalportrait - portraiture made in the person's usual environment, illuminating their life: photographing a person in their natural surroundings to portray the essence of their personality. Includes lifestyle portraits,and formal portraits.
    • Candidportraits are captured without setting the scene,
  • In California Autumn can last through January.