Main verbal tags, alphabetical list.
  • Interaction

    Communication, discussions, connections, and announcements.

  • Link

    Links to informational resources, other websites, documents, and files.

  • Name

    Mentioning people or organizations by name or title, calling attention to a specific persons - modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens - individuals and  groups.

  • Place

    Particular positions in space, locations, areas, regions, countries, states, cities, towns, venues.

  • Quote

    Citations, quotes - quotation from a text or speech with significant meaning, references to a published or unpublished sources.

  • Time

    Time is a continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession, an indefinite continued progress of existence.

    As most people, most often I quantify the rates of change in my reality in years, months, and weeks, and then sequence my daily events in hours and minutes.

    My relation to this fourth dimension is strange, because my life stages varies rhythmically and spatially so much, that it confuses my brain, which would rather deal with a single continuum. In my mind, my life stages seem like eras or forgotten lifetimes, and the quiet now can feel longer than all past combined, and the future - like a just started painting.

    For you, I will split my time into decades and years.