Diminishing Masculinity Lena Nechet

This is multiplied by seven portrait of one aging man. It had originated from several sessions of life drawing of a nude male model. Many thanks to Mark for posing.

This composition symbolizes the phase in life after a mid-life crisis, when the reduction of hormones neither change nor quiet the man's masculine mind. 

This guy is brought out of balance by a new erotic attraction, almost to the point of the subject's world turning upside-down, because his body is not in tune with his desire. His new ways of thinking and the found serenity seem disconnected and easily flipped.

Diminishing Masculinity, 2019, original painting by Lena Nechet
Male, Nude
Code: LN19C36EDM
Titles and Names: Diminishing Masculinity; Turned Mark
Polyptych: Single
Collection: Eromind
Materials: Collage, conte, and acrylic on paper
Size: 36 x 22 inches
Finished: April 2019
Digitized: June 2019