Logs & Articles

This is a collection of my short and longer writings, lifestyle notes and blog, vlog, favorites, quotes, and other publications: flow of present moments, now, current happenings and activities, mental states, immersion, focus, involvements, moods, feelings, and states of mind.

Journal - periodically and randomly published records of personal experiences and observations.

Essays - pieces of writing by that present arguments.


My short and longer texts, from notes to formal essays, including explanations, anecdotes, jokes, lists, opinions, reports, scripts, etc.

Essay - a piece of writing that is designed to present an idea in a non-fictional way, propose an argument, express the emotion or initiate debate; an article in various forms and disciplines, formal and informal.

Anecdotes - brief accounts of an incident, stories with a point to communicate an abstract idea about a person, place, or thing through the concrete details of a short narrative.

Jokes - displays of humor in form of a short narrative ending with a punch line, meant to make people laugh.

Opinions - judgements, viewpoints, or statements that are not conclusive.

Reports - accounts of the proceedings, transactions, or events.

Notes - brief records, especially written down to aid the memory; comments, explanations.

Lists - simple series of words.

My short writings and memos on various topics.

Note - a brief record, especially one written down to aid the memory, a comment, an explanation, a brief informal letter.

Reflection on the days I want to remember.

Personal web log, lots of running and swimming, plus fruitarian lifestyle, in text and photographs.

My random video logs - videos from daily life and something notable to remember.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA ,
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