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This is a collection of my short and longer writings, lifestyle notes and blog, vlog, favorites, quotes, and other publications: flow of present moments, now, current happenings and activities, mental states, immersion, focus, involvements, moods, feelings, and states of mind.

Journal - periodically and randomly published records of personal experiences and observations.

Essays - pieces of writing by that present arguments.

My short and longer texts, from notes to formal essays.

Notes related to my diet and activities like exercise and sleep.

Personal blog, lots of running and swimming, and fruitarian lifestyle in text and photographs.

My random video logs - videos from daily life and something notable to remember.

My favorite creations by other people.

Expressions full of meaning or beauty, favorite or simply very interesting sayings, concepts, thoughts, ideas, understandings, notions, opinions, views, believes, intentions, and ideals.

Random quote:
"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."— Edgar Degas

My favorite poems, lyrics, as well as prose excerpts, koans, etc.

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. This form of art is thousands years old, and originated in Africa.

Koan is a puzzling or paradoxical statement to be meditated upon, anecdote, question, or verbal exchanges.

I list here books I read, nowadays primarily e-books and audio-books.

Literature for me is an art form, writing that has both artistic and intellectual value. Literary fiction, mostly classic, I read overwhelmingly in the first part of my life - poetry and prose. Non-fiction is what I prefer now.

My favorite compositions of sounds arranged in time; rhythms, melodies, and songs. 

Music - artistic auditory communication, instrumental or vocal tones, rhythm.

My favorite choreography and dancers, including ballet.

Dance - performing art of purposefully selected sequences of human movements that have aesthetic and symbolic value.

Under this category I keep my favorite motion pictures like movies and animation movies, records of theatrical presentations, various good show on video, lectures, memorable talks, great interviews, and regular comedy and news shows.

I keep a list of my favorite films and documentaries. It is getting harder to update it.

Cinematography is the art of motion photography and filming.

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