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Image © LenaNechet.comIn this category find everything related to my art studio for fine arts and photography: work in progress, studies, sketches and swatches, experimentation, equipment, sets, and workflow, videography rig and behind the scenes, and photographic setup and shoots.

My minimalist portable studio now has a view into my orchard. Since 2018, I have a new larger space for my studio work, but I keep the same portable minimal set of art supply and equipment. I like to keep only a few chosen art materials, compactly organized. The powerful color-corrected LED lamps I use for camera work and to continue working on a painting started by natural daylight.

Abstraction as a process is deriving general rules and concepts from specific examples.

In what I call objective abstraction, I follow two of my "unique reality" rules, usually just intuitively.

Reference Code: LN21A22AB0

In what I call objective abstraction, I follow two of my "unique reality" rules.
Abstraction, Reality, Representational Art, Abstract Art

To simplify and order my verbal and visual presenting, I sort all my manners of display by moods, narrative modes, objects and subjects of representation, and color. I use the terms of narration because verbal system is founded on visual in the brain and is analogous to it in many ways. I do not think like many that every painting tells a story, and I do not want my works to give a ready-made resolutions and morals. But I do believe artworks contain messages of some kind.

Reference Code: LN21A22AB0

Art workshop is a meeting in a group to engage in discussion or activity on a particular aspect of fine art creation, or a study session with emphasis on art theory.

I primarily work with single-pigment professional paints that have highest lightfastness ratings. Most of them are made from permanent minerals and based on natural gum arabic or pure polymer, without fillers or solvents. Some paints I make myself.

I paint with ethically sourced or synthetic brushes and self-made implements, using eco-friendly materials whenever possible and reasonable.

Most of my paintings can be exhibited with exposed edges, which does not require framing or matting. They can be framed and presented according to the owner's wish.

Exposed edges or framing.
Edge, Frame

Black to white value gradient.

In the visual arts, color theory refers to practical guidance to color mixing and visual effects of color combinations.

In 15th century CE, color theory principles first appeared in the writings of Leone Battista Alberti and the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. In the beginning of 18th century, Isaac Newton's Opticks was published.




Complementary color gradients.

White color tints.

Black color shades.