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My name is Lena Nechet, I am a European fine art painter in California. I paint primarily ideas and feelings. I make original artwork with archival materials in eco-friendly studio settings. In representation, I care almost exclusively about the composition and the accuracy of expression. My art signature includes my seal L∃N∀

My preferred art genres are portrait, abstracts, and zen-brush expressions. In art as in poetry, I love ambiguity - in my work you might find optically illusive elements, open for interpretation facial expressions, dimensional transparency, as well as erotic suggestion and figurative abstraction. My main sources of inspiration are meditation, mathematics, beauty of perception, and elegance of movement.

Artist Statement by a fine art painter Lena Nechet: I paint ideas and feelings.
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It so happened, that art is an essential part of my life, and almost all I see I recompose and enhance in my mind in this captivating flow of existential vision.

My childhood room was full of art when I was five: my parents' apartment was packed with books, and among them art reproduction albums, which were stored in huge piles close to my bed for years, and I went to sleep with images in mind from the greatest paintings ever made, and with dreams to create others. I wanted to make pictures so much that I never doubted it would become my main occupation. The desire of visual expression of my worldview and of the abstract beauty I was able to perceive had followed me ever since. 

A story in visual arts by Lena Nechet, from childhood to present.
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Collections of fine art works by Lena Nechet organized in series, as single art pieces and polyptychs.

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Experimentation, blueprints, sketches, alla prima, live sessions, swatches, art materials and equipment.

Visual designs by Lena Nechet.

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