Recent Fine Art Works

Ln19w30ieh In Enso Hakuin Lena Nechet
Ln19c24oiv Open In Vain Lena Nechet
Ln19c24vtl Virginia Triangle Lena Nechet
Ln19c24vlr Virginia Laughing Lena Nechet
Ln19c24cc1 Competition Contemplated Lena Nechet
Ln19c24lj1 Lonely Jonas Lena Nechet
Ln19c24elj Entry Level Lena Nechet

Artworks here are made by me, Lena Nechet, by hand and digitally.

  • I make fine art because I like the immediacy of manipulating mind and matter.
  • I photograph because the beauty of life is overwhelming and its moments are mysterious.
  • I montage films to share admiration of beings and motion.

Art - expression of creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Hand made graphic artwork - fine art objects made by applying pigments to a surface - works by Lena Nechet.

Most often, I work in abstract portraits and symbolic expression.

Painting is a mode of creative expression. Paintings can be naturalistic and representational, realistic (still life or landscape), abstract, narrative, symbolic (symbolist art), emotive (expressionism), or political in nature (artivism).

Image © LenaNechet.comIn this category find everything related to my art studio for fine arts and photography: work in progress, studies, sketches and swatches, experimentation, equipment, sets, and workflow, videography rig and behind the scenes, and photographic setup and shoots.

My minimalist portable studio now has a view into my orchard. Since 2018, I have a new larger space for my studio work, but I keep the same portable minimal set of art supply and equipment. I like to keep only a few chosen art materials, compactly organized. The powerful color-corrected LED lamps I use for camera work and to continue working on a painting started by natural daylight.

Films and videography by Lena Nechet: movies and video made primarily in Southern California.

Photographic portraiture, street photography, environmental portraits, events and artifacts.