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Works of visual art by Lena Nechet - hand made graphic art, compositions made by applying pigments to a surface (paintings and drawings), artistic productions, digital graphics, designs.

Artist's Statement

My name is Lena Nechet, I am a fine art painter in California. I make original artwork, and give private art lessons. My art signature includes seal L∃N∀.

Artist's Statement by a fine art painter in California, Lena Nechet.
statement, credo

My Visual Arts Story

It so happened that art is a permanent part of my life, and almost all I see I recompose and enhance in my mind in this captivating flow of existential vision

A story in visual arts of Lena Nechet from childhood to present.
bio, biography

Abstract drawing in red and white.

Archival ink on found paper, 7-2015.

Abstract in red and white.

Charcoal abstract erotic drawing with poetry (haiku).
figure, drawing, charcoal, erotic, portrait, haiku, poetry
Sailing Shift (2017) by Lena Nechet

Sailing Shift (2017), a painting by Lena Nechet
sailing, change, uncertainty, wind, water
Testosterone (2017) by Lena Nechet

Testosterone (2017), a painting by Lena Nechet.

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