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Fruitarianism is a quest for optimal ethical ways to live and healthy diets based on fruits and seeds.

The line above is the essence of my worldview as a fruitarian. I am a long-term ethical vegan-fruitarian (frugan) since my teenage years, about 1993.

Since 2007, I ran small and bigger online fruitarian communities. In this section I will gather published there useful articles on fruitarianism related to my own experience, including materials from the International Fruitarian Network (2009-2019).

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This is me with a red apple.

I am a long term vegan-fruitarian who radically changed her lifestyle as a teenager, at 18, and maintained and adjusted it during two following decades. I doubted fruitarianism, but my fruitarian position remains surprisingly strong. This a short version of my fruitarian story, about five-page read.

A story of a long-term vegan fruitarian.

As the author of the site, I feel obliged to provide you with some information about my knowledge, credentials (if any), and the reasons I talk about fruitarianism publically - so you can assess the information I offer more critically. 

I was adjusting my definition of fruitarianism for 20 years, periodically changing it after reflecting on what I learned and experienced. You can read it on the top of the page, and the current version is this: 

Fruitarianism - a quest for optimal ethical ways to live and diets based on fruits and seeds. 

This is the line I just attempted to add to the definition of fruitarianism on the Wikipedia page
"Fruitarianism can also be viewed as a set of ethical values, including respecting lives of plants, and their implementation in lifestyle." But I could not find eligible resources to cite.

Wiki is the most popular resource online, and the article dedicated to fruitarianism requires some explanation for most people who are new to the term. In this article, I will also give my personal perspective of a practicing skeptic fruitarian.

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I have created the International Fruitarian Network in 2009. I am going to move its most interesting materials here and extend them with time. For now, most articles from data was moved to Data.

International Fruitarian Network
International Fruitarian Network, Fruitarian Apple

Fruitarian diet consists primarily of fruits and seeds in the botanical sense.


  • Foundation: edible botanical fruits - preferably fresh;
  • Extension: edible botanical seeds - raw, soaked, cooked;
  • Addition: flowers, leaves, tubers - gathered without killing the plants;
  • Further possible additions: seaweed, mushrooms;
  • In some variations of fruitarianism: other ethically sourced additions. 

Examples of fruitarian meals

  • a whole melon, followed by a bunch of apricots after a while;
  • several large pieces of sweet fruits and a handful of nuts a bit later;
  • a savory fruit salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, flax seeds or avocado, and herbs and spices;
  • tomato-quinoa salad with avocado and arugula;
  • a big bowl of fresh or unfrozen green peas or garbanzo beans.

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Fruitarian diet is fruit and seeds based, and may include other foods, and not only plants (e.g. algae, mushrooms) - to answer a few recent questions at once.

Please, do not assume that fruitarianism is eating sweet fruit only. There are many kinds of fruitarians. From those who avoid seeds, if they can, to those who consider honey and eggs to be ethical choices, depending on the circumstances. Usually, fresh fruits are preferable, but the proportion of cooked foods varies. Some fruitarians soak or sprout seeds, some not. Some eat more greens or root/stem vegetables, others prefer botanical fruit, including non-sweet kinds (like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash).

Most fruitarians have ethical or environmental concerns, some may not, health or performance may be their primary motivation. There are frugans, seasonal fruitarians, freegans, raw vegans or vegetarians with high fruit intake, and so on. Everybody is welcome here :)

There is no ideal food or method, there is no competition for higher ethics or better health. The idea is to present this topic to more people for an ongoing public discussion and to share knowledge and experience.

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