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Hi and thank you for visiting! My name is Lena Nechet. I am an independent European artist in California. My fine art signature is L∃N∀ and I used my brand name LTalks™ for profiles and products. This is my primary website. Please, enjoy your time here!

Art section presents my original works in fine art, film, and photography. From the start page you can get into the business section, and on the right side please find information about me, .

Dear friends, please seriously consider switching to a physical and emotional survival mode for a while: increase your own immune response ability and decrease danger to others.

Any exercise, breathing techniques, ventilating well, meditation, minimizing alcohol and smoking, sleeping enough, sunlight, herbs and teas like hibiscus, choosing fresh and simple foods over sugary grease, kindness over anger, appreciating beauty - all are good old things.

I am telling it to myself too, after a time of preparation to personal losses.

In addition to 2-yard distance and strict hygiene, cotton over your face can give some partial (~50%) protection from virus-loaded droplets in public. Loss of sense of smell or taste could be a symptom. SARS-2 (#COVID19) can leave us with holes in our lungs, and in some places you won't be even helped in a crisis.

Our health, attention, and energy are precious, you are a wonderful being, important to many others, and to me.

Stay well, free, and ready.

Love, virtual hugs, Lena

PS: I gather new information on twitter.com/LenaNechet, primarily in "likes" (https://twitter.com/LenaNechet/likes), please scroll down to preview.

On this website you will find my artwork - fine art paintings and drawings, photographs, a few films, my offers of services related to visual arts and languages, and some personal information.

In 2017, I started transferring my sites to one new domain with my name. The process of consolidation of all materials will be continued in 2020. The next significant steps:

  • uploading my body of work, over 250 pieces;
  • moving my various writings into the blog,
  • adding photographs.

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Wish you the very best! Thank you for connecting with me.

Welcome! On my website you will find my artwork - fine art paintings and drawings, photographs, a few films, and also life stories, and my offers of services related to visual arts and languages.
visual artist, filmmaker, videographer, photographer, private language instructor, personal language trainer


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