Hi and thank you for visiting, enjoy your time here! My name is Lena Nechet and this is my primary website. On this site I work in my free time and it is not quite ready yet.

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Please feel welcome to explore my website pages:

  1. From the start, Business, you can get into the commercial section.
  2. Second section, Art, presents my original artworks.
  3. In the third, , there is some personal information about me, Lena.

Wish you the very best and a good week ahead!

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visual artist, filmmaker, videographer, photographer, private language instructor, personal language trainer

My Fine Art Works

Ln19w30ieh In Enso Hakuin Lena Nechet
Ln19c24oiv Open In Vain Lena Nechet
Ln19c24vtl Virginia Triangle Lena Nechet
Ln19c24vlr Virginia Laughing Lena Nechet
Ln19c24cc1 Competition Contemplated Lena Nechet
Ln19c24lj1 Lonely Jonas Lena Nechet
Ln19c24elj Entry Level Lena Nechet

Random Examples

Ln15i07ter Touch Extremity Lena Nechet
Ln17a19bb1 Beach Bar Lena Nechet
Ln16w16uld Uplifting Depth Lena Nechet

Site Updates

Website Domain and Plans

In 2017, I started building this website after I got this domain with my name, to replace my company site. I was living in Orange County, California, then. In 2018, I moved back to San Diego, CA - North County this time.

I will continue to move my publications from the previous sites and blogs, and hope to start linking to this domain by the end of  2021. The next significant steps should be:

  • uploading my body of work in fine art, over 300 pieces;
  • moving my various writings into the blog;
  • adding photographs.

Personal Updates

Fully Vaccinated

I am now fully vaccinated from COVID to help myself and the community to stay healthy return to usual life. I started searching for appointments as soon as I got eligible. I am very sad that many people distrust this work of the amazing scientists, and hope with my example to help others make their choice.

My vaccine shots of Moderna SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccination dates with side effects:

  1. Moderna, April 23 2021: felt great afterwards, only my cycle was triggered to restart sooner, and the shoulder was a bit sore next morning.
  2. Moderna, May 21, 2021: about two hours of chills, felt extremely tired next day. The head and muscle heaviness was like in flu, but without cold symptoms, felt almost normal again by the end of the day after.

During my lifetime, I took all of other available vaccines and I had no hesitation to take this new type after a proper research. I should develop full immunity by the second week of June. I will travel for a week or two, and then well be ready and happy to see my clients again. Stay well!

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