I made a list of 30 art techniques I use often (in bold) and on occasion (in cursive)

Techniques in Fine Art

  1. Acrylic painting (with water based paints that use acrylic polymer as a binder);
  2. Aerial perspective (adjusting colors to mimic those changes by the atmosphere at a distance);
  3. Aquarelle or watercolor (with water based paints that use soluble gum arabic from acacia or a substitute as a binder);
  4. Assemblage (assembling three-dimensional objects);
  5. Charcoal drawing (applying burnt wood);
  6. Chiaroscuro (working from mid-tone toward light and shadows, using strong contrasts between light and dark);
  7. Collage (application of pieces of colored paper and other flattened objects);
  8. Contour drawing (outline);
  9. Digital painting (applying digital inks to screens with stylus or fingers);
  10. Divisionism (separation of color for optical effects, including pointillism - applying dots of color, usually by stippling);
  11. Drybrush (applying paint so it is only partially covers the previous one);
  12. Foreshortening (rendering figures in depth with realistic perspective, especially from unusual points of view);
  13. Glazing and washing (coating with transparent paint);
  14. Gouache (natural gum as binder with opaque white base pigment);
  15. Grisaille (underpainting in value only, with shades and tints of one color, black camaieu, or in yellow - cirage);
  16. Hatching (shading with closely spaced parallel lines, and with cross-hatching the lines overlay at an angle);
  17. Dabbing (quickly applying paint with stiff brushes or other object with light pressure, like playing staccato on piano);
  18. Impasto (paint applied to stand out from the surface);
  19. Murals (painting ol walls and ceilings);
  20. Pastel (applying powdered pigment molded into a stick);
  21. Pen and ink (applying pigment ink with sticks, dip and fountain pens, brushes, and other implements, like parallel and technical pens);
  22. Perspective (depicting three-dimensional objects and space on surface with an illusion of real volume);
  23. Plein-air (painting outdoors or creating an impression of the open air);
  24. Sfumato (blurring or softening of sharp outlines by gradual blending of one tone into another);
  25. Sgraffito (scratch away paint to expose the underlayer);
  26. Spray and splatter;
  27. Tachisme and action painting (spontaneous application of paint, dripping and spilling);
  28. Tenebrism (dramatic illumination);
  29. Underpainting ((pre-painting of the first layer, often with contrasting colors to show through);
  30. Wet-on-wet (wet paint is applied onto wet layers).


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