Video - recorded motion graphics, typically with sound:

Videos, movies - are series of still images which, when shown on a screen, creates the illusion of moving images due to the phi phenomenon.

  1. Videography - capturing events, shows, video-portraiture.
  2. Films (long, short, ultrashort):
    1. Feature films: full-length motion pictures with a running time over 40 minutes, often over 80 - I plan to make one.
    2. Short film - I made several short documentaries.
    3. Ultra-short films (ultrashorts) are shorter than one minute - under 1 min. duration, 1-60 seconds.

Movies I make not often include fiction.

Fiction - fictional or fictionalized narratives or stories, reports of connected imaginary events, presented in sequences of words or images, for wish-fulfillment, or expression, or recounting of past events.

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