Events in the human history, times long gone, the scientific study of the past.

Script Anachronism January 2022
Concise History of Ukraine November 2021
Concise History of Germany November 2021
Ukrainian Nomads Scyths January 2022
Ukrainian Terror Famine December 2021
Huliaipole, Zaporizhzhia December 2021
Birthplace - Donetsk February 2018
Paleo Diet Based on Fruits and Seeds October 2016
Lotus-Eaters Lotophagi October 2016
Vegetarianism October 2016
Humans and Biosphere October 2016
Humans Share Genes with Plants and Animals October 2016
Fruitarian Community in California 1896 October 2016
Veganism October 2016
Squash from 800-Year Old Seeds October 2016
All General Tags December 1999
Origins January 2018


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