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Journal - periodically published records of personal experiences and observations - a web log by Lena Nechet.

I like to keep only a few chosen art materials, compactly organized, to have space to start working on a large painting at any time, and daylight - natural or artificial - at any time.

I move my easel around all the time by grabbing the large support boards I use it it, and after several hours it tires out my back, in addition to manipulating big brushes and large cotton surfaces.

The lightweight gatorfoam-board practically solves this problem. I would prefer it to have a less porous surface though, it stains easily (mine is white).

My life is a bit easier now with two of these - one in imperial size, one in half.

gatorfoam, board, easel, tool, studio

I won't go to the Grand IndieWise film festival convention for:

55 Years Together - Project has been selected as a finalist in festival.

I knew it was officially selected already. Today though, I got the finalist notification letter with their finalist's laurel and an invitation to screening in Miami.

55, film festival, finalist, laurel, screening, 2018

Too bad I missed it. Love Rothko, and recently watched a documentary about him. Thanks Rick for telling me.

From an article by James Hebert:

theater, Rothko

Meeting for a good conversation.
beer, drinks, people, event, discussion

Happy Holidays!

I wish you health and good friendships, and peace and progress to us all.

In early 2018, I plan to publish my collection of paintings, over 100 works. I have ideas of organizing special fine art workshops (most likely, in northern San Diego County, California).

Wishing you health and good friendships, and peace and progress in 2018.
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Fallen Leaves

In California Autumn can last through January.

A snapshot of leaves on the wet ground.