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+1 # RW 2016-12-27 16:04
Hey, saw your lap-swimming page for the first time! A 1650 is a good distance for a non-competitive swimmer!
Just for reference, not to make you feel bad - today I went a straight 4K, 176 lengths, 88 "laps", in about 70 minutes.
You could go a lot faster and further in freestyle not breaststroke.
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+1 # RW 2016-12-27 16:11
Damn - You did 6K !!! That's huge.
I could turn you into a 10K lake swimmer ! :-)
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Lena Nechet
0 # Lena Nechet 2017-01-09 16:53
Thank you!
I prefer breaststroke for many reasons.
I wish I had a lake to swim :)
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0 # Тони 2018-02-10 18:21
Feedback, besides the name of this page, is a nice encoding of what I am about to say here.

Pumpkin seeds, and fruit seeds in general, are not ethical fruitarians' food since there is no good ethic in general eating of fruits without any natural feedback to their species' life cycle, that is, without the release of those fruits' seeds into the environment; such a release would give chances for those seeds to grow into new plants of their kind. If the seeds from fruits are eaten and digested, those apparently cannot grow into new plants. Fruit seeds may be swallowed and even accidentally digested, but that does not make them regular food.
By “fruits” I mean fleshy fruits; and by “fruit seeds” I mean seeds from fleshy fruits, not seeds from pods, nor nuts, nor seeds in general.

This comment is about pumpkin seeds being mentioned in Amino Acids in Fruits and Seeds, and refers to ethics in fruitarianism discussed in Defining Fruitarianism and elsewhere on this site.
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0 # Тони 2018-02-10 18:27
This is beautiful:

“From philosophical perspective, veganism is a subset of fruitarianism, because fruitarians take to consideration lives of other living organisms, which do not necessarily belong to animal kingdom (Animalia or Metazoa).”

From Defining Fruitarianism
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0 # Тони 2018-02-14 05:53
Let me match your behavior, Lena, as the ethical fruitarianism author that you are, to that of a fruit plant species. So, you have your habitat at, where your fruit plants – the articles (t)here – grow, yielding fruits – the sentences, and we, the readers, pick those fruits, digest them into thoughts and feed our minds. There is at least one idea – the seed – of (ethical) fruitarianism in each topical sentence of your articles, so when we digest the sentences, we get their ideas/seeds. Now, do you like us to feed back those ideas, possibly made up in us, to your habitat, so they may grow into new articles?
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0 # Тони 2019-08-25 04:29
On “Seeds in Fruitarian Diet?

Dear Lena,

Defining the topic of this article and mentioning “fruit flesh”, why do you generalize your arguments as about “plant seeds”, and why don't you make a distinction between seeds of fleshy fruits and seeds without flesh attached? In the case of the fleshy fruits, their flesh is already a source of nutrition for eaters; why digest their seeds, knowing that those are reproductive? Furthermore, those seeds don't have as attractive taste as their fruits' flesh; some fruit seeds have a disgusting taste; why manifest bad taste?

“... and even the unavoidable death would become a moral crime, because humans are 90% microbial organisms, and over 100 trillion microbes would die with each of us.”

– Digesting seeds of fruits is a matter of human choice, unlike death.

“A fertile male human ejaculates on average about a teaspoon of semen with over 200 million sperm. There is no way all of them will connect with ovum, the female reproductive cell, and develop into a toddler.” ... “The same with the plant seeds.”

– In the human reproduction process, the greater number of sperm cells serve as environment for fertilization of ovum. In the reproduction of seed plants, the seeds of the plants already are plant embryos and don't need further insemination. So, in matching seeds of plants to human nature, to count are just the sperms successfully connected with ovums, forming embryos. Your argument is thus irrelevant!

“And females cannot conceive a child every month, just because an egg cell was produced and possibly fused with a male cell.”

– If an egg cell was produced and then fused with a male cell, which made a female conceive a child, the body of this female would pause releasing egg cells during the following months of pregnancy. Otherwise, if the female did not conceive a child, she could do so the succeeding month. So, this sentence of yours is irrelevant and thus is not a valid argument to the topic!

“modern fruitarians, who are much better informed and more capable of critical thinking”

– As a modern fruitarian, are you well enough informed on human reproductive processes, as to use those as arguments about ethical fruitarianism? Are you capable of accepting criticism towards your own published thoughts?

“A tree can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds in one season, and less than 1% of them have any chance to sprout. It does not mean that the rest should rot (be consumed by bacteria and fungi) without any use by animals.”

– That rest of the seeds would rot or be otherwise used by animals as a RESULT of not being successful to sprout, whilst intentional digestion by humans would CAUSE absence of chance for germination to the seeds.

“Some seeds can survive ... and germination can begin.”

– The fruitarian diet, which you are discussing, comprises stuff that is swallowed and digested, and not stuff that is swallowed and released undigested. So the last three paragraphs of section 2 of your arguments are irrelevant to the topic.

“fruitarianism is about fruits is botanical sense”

How about ethical fruitarianism? Is it not the ethical approach, while making use of the flesh of the fruits, to allow for the botanical purpose of the seeds of the fleshy fruits to fulfill?
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0 # Тони 2019-12-25 04:12
Well, Lena, you are long time not commenting...
But meanwhile I have recognized a clear correlation between your neglect towards the reproduction role of the seeds of eaten fruits and your own species reproduction resignation.
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