Early years of life (0 - 11).

The first year of my live I spent living with my student-parents in a large city.

Zoe helped them with me often, as well as older neighbor-kids, who kept my carriage with them on the streets.

The first year of my life.

I lived with my paternal grandparents between my first and fifth birthdays, while my young professional parents were pursuing their goals far away. They visited me several times, even my other relatives did.

My grandparents were working full time, so they used to leave me alone, often tied to a table on which I could draw, to prevent me from running away or hurting myself.

They were not too warm towards me, probably because they did not like my mother.

My granddad taught me the alphabet when I was two, and recognizing Cyrillic letters in a newspaper was one of my first memories. I could read by four, not fast.

I spent a lot of time under the fruit trees and next to the berry bushes. I remember the beauty of sour cherries in the deep green leaves, blue plums, and the aroma of sweat peas.

With my grandfather, sitting behind him on his motorbike, we were sometimes riding around the town. He played accordion, and made some extra money by playing on weddings and parties, and often I went with him to sing the songs he taught me. I only remember one of them now.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth years of my life.

My parents had many friends - geologists, philosophers, mathematicians, and many others, but mostly from academia - and we often partied at our place and their homes.

Their kid's minds, including mine, were routinely challenged with philosophical paradoxes, barely conceivable facts, and existential problems.

Parties with intellectuals.

When I was 9-10 I was "documenting" animal languages, by observing their communication and transcribing the sounds they used. Then I tried to classify the expressions I captured, and to guess their meaning.

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