The meaning of my art signature is my first name in alternative symbols. The short form of my real name is Lena, the only one I use, and L∃N∀ is my signature art seal. ∃∀ - are math signs, which mean "exists" and "for all" .

When I started using my signature online, there was no safe to use Unicode character with a line above (logical "not") for the sign , "for all" - and thus the meaning changed from "exist not for all" to almost the opposite, which I find amusing - hope you do too!

My last name, Nechet, means "odd number" in Ukrainian, like  -1, 1, 3, 5, 7, ... - integers that cannot be divided by 2 exactly. It is my birth name.

Explanation of art signature by Lena Nechet - "exists for all."
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