Poetry 💜

Poetic and spontaneous writing and art, rhyme, poetry, lyrics.

Poetic mode of presentation:

  • aesthetic and subjective interpretation of a subject, poetic associations, metaphor, avant-garde, inventive;
  • montage theory, photogenie, the art of organizing the necessary movements of objects in space as a rhythmical artistic whole, in harmony with the properties of the material and internal rhythm of each object (Dziga Vertov);
  • juxtaposes scenes with no causation, associations and patterns that involve temporal rhythms and spatial juxtapositions (Bill Nichols).
Artwork Collection: Zenga

Zenga 禅画 - art of zen painting with calligraphy of poems and sayings.

This collection is dedicated to poetic perception and spontaneity:

  • spontaneously created compositions with expressive brushwork or line quality;
  • unprompted works, alla-prima ("at first attempt"), reactions to intense internal impulses;
  • visualizations based on inclinations, unconstrained by tradition;
  • influenced by Zen-Buddhist (禅) or other Eastern styles
    (e.g. Japanese Sumi-e 水墨画, Chinese guóhuà, s.国画;  國畫)
  • minimalist, non-conceptual, highly experimental works.
  • artworks with poetry - haiku or short verses;
  • meditative drawing.
Lesya Ukrainka June 2021
Taras Shevchenko June 2021
Vladimir Mayakovsky - Horse November 2020
Jonas Contemplates November 2019
Wisla - Polish Folk Song March 2020
Crown Thorn September 2016
Texture of a Day December 2013
Touch Extremity July 2015
Ukrainian Folk Song - Oh There on the Mountain March 2014
🏷️ All Tags December 1999