Time is a continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession.

Time isan indefinite continued progress of existence.

My own relation to this fourth dimension is strange, because my life stages vary rhythmically and spatially so much, that I would rather deal with a single continuum. Parts of my life seem to me like eras or forgotten lifetimes, and the quiet now can feel longer than all the past combined, and the future feels like a just started painting.

As most people, most often I quantify the rates of change in my reality in years, months, and weeks, and then sequence my daily events - mostly routines - in hours, and only by necessity in minutes. I failed to keep any type of journal for more than a month or too, so I concentrate instead on categorized logs, checklists, and accomplishments by project.

On this site, it is useful to split time into decades and years of my life. And the updates will be ordered my month as well. The date will be visible under the articles where it is relevant (in blog, for example).

  • 20th Century

    Century XX

    In the twentieth century I was growing up in Eastern Europe, in a republic that became an independent country, and a part of it I lived in Latin America.

    • 1980-s & Earlier

      The Nineteen-Eighties

      Most of my childhood happened in 1980s, and I have limited knowledge about earlier events.

    • 1990-s Decade

      The Nineteen-Nineties

      My early youth happened in the nineties. The country was falling apart.

  • 21st Century

    Century XXI

    The 21st century is the current century in the Common Era, which began on January 1, 2001.

    In the twenty-first century I lived in Western Europe (Luxembourg, Germany, France) and Northern America (Oregon, District of Columbia, and California).

    • 2000-s Decade

      The Two-Thousands

      My adulthood had started with this twenty-first century of the Anno Domini or Common Era by Gregorian calendar, and with the third millennium.

      My German became fluid; I've got my first computer and a digital camera; two of my first serious relationships with German guys crashed; I started biking and driving; I lost my paintings; I changed continents; I was investing into emerging markets (Brazil and India, with gains) and alternative energy (with losses); I found myself in impossible situations; I learnt programming and bootstrapped my first website from scratch; I lived on a boat for five months; I was hit by a mini-bus on a bicycle and thrown under the wheels of another car; I ran half-marathon through Redwoods; I lost a lot during the great recession, especially personally; three of important to me people died; I changed Coasts and founded an international network.

    • 2010-s Decade

      The Twenty-Tens

      My 2010s started in Georgetown, DC and Portland, OR. Most of the 2010s I spent in Southern California, primarily in San Diego and Orange counties.

      1. In the year 2011, I moved to San Diego County, California, after considering other places on the Coast.
      2. In the year 2012, I lived in La Jolla, California, swam in the Pacific Ocean and hiked with camera a lot. I finally switched to acrylics in painting, and discovered technical pens for linework.
      3. In the year 2013, I finally bought my professional mirrorless filmmaking camera and rig.
      4. In the year 2014:
        1. I moved to South Park, and then to North Park neighborhoods of San Diego;
        2. drove an electric bike everywhere (for five months, then it was stolen) and rented electric smart cars;
        3. spent lots of time in Balboa Park, filmed a lot, made good friends, fell in love;
        4. volunteered for humanist non-profits, ushered in theaters;
        5. studied two full-time semesters: Business Law, English Composition and Critical Thinking, Field Media Production, and Documentary Film;
        6. started working in customer service part time, and for that switched to evening classes;
        7. and bought an old hybrid car with recycled plastic interior and textile seats.

      I could not paint. Most of my finished artworks of that period are pen and ink or graphite miniatures.

      • 2015

        In 2015, I started a full-time Spring semester: Film Lighting, Small Business Accounting, Payroll, and Taxation. I was still working part time in La Jolla.

        In January, I got 97%+ on IRS advanced tax preparer exam. Till April, I volunteered to file taxes for low-income people every Saturday, driving far inland to small towns of San Diego county.

        In May, I finished a film lighting college course in downtown campus with an awesome professor of art directing who worked in the industry his whole life. One guy from our group became a rock-star in LA, another transferred to Berkley, one Girl went to a film school in New York, another moved to Arizona, and one became homeless, as I learned later.

        Then, I quit the exhausting international customer service job.

        By the end of May, I moved from the North Park in San Diego to Huntington Beach, Orange county, California, Adams street area. The beaches were gigantic, and the traffic was awful. People warned me about conservative Orange County, but at first, it seemed cool and promising.

        In nearby Costa Mesa, I studied history of cinema for Summer semester in the well equipped local college. The professor was a cinematographer who worked with big action movie makers.

        I started making art on the floor of my living room, with teens skating right in front of my open door. I made a couple illustrations, and had long-term corporate German students, and a few travelers and college kids.

        During that Summer, I produced and finished editing tree short documentary films, two of which got minor prizes on film festivals. I was also gathering footage for a feature film.

        In September, I started more filmmaking and studio-drawing courses, but I was not getting what I wanted, it did not justify my time investment. Life started to feel shorter.

      • 2016

        In 2016, I continued working on water-media paintings during my free time in a tiny quarter-studio in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California. I taught business and beginner German, took some translation work, had a small business, redesigned my investment portfolio, and got married!

      • 2017

        In 2017, my last year in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California I went to Europe in Spring, to Brussels for a friend's wedding, and then to Dusseldorf and a few other towns.

        I made great friends in Santa Ana and the city of Orange, California, where a fellow artist (in paper collage) organized downtown meetings, but also in other neighboring towns. I participated in many discussions on humanism and linguistics, went to fun parties and outdoor gatherings.

        By the end of the year though, I might have came close to a nervous breakdown. I could not relax, I cried at strange times and places. Even running along the Santa Ana River, 10K every morning, stopped giving me the same happiness. I still wonder how I came back to my usual self.

      • 2018

        In 2018, I moved from Huntington Beach, Orange County, to Oceanside, San Diego County, California. I founded an orchard, with many unexpected problems - most eventually resolved, and set up a new art studio.

      • 2019

        In 2019, I lived in Oceanside, California, and concentrated on life figure and portrait drawing and painting.

    • 2020-s Decade


      This started with promising trips, relationships and game nights, just to be shut down by pandemic in early March.

      • 2020

        This year of pandemic and especially consequential US elections I spent in Oceanside, in isolation since March. I watched too much news and worked in the orchard too much. My paintings were some complex muted watercolors to deal with horrid fires, deaths, concentration of power, and political agitations. 

        My husband brought the virus early, in Spring, and took all precautions that my viral load was smaller than his: I had sudden chills for one evening, but was nearly alright the next day, and was able to help him. But during the year, I had two foot injuries, both very painful, especially the first one that involved a toe nail, and because of the other - a possible fracture in August, I tripped over a hose - I could not walk for a while, luckily I had many apples and managed alone for three weeks.

        Actually, I spent most of the year completely alone, seeing people behind masks only once a week in a store, and waving neighbors at a distance some time. People here are so nice, they were leaving flowers and vegetables at other's doorsteps. Our awesome next-door neighbors shared their avocados with me. I  suffered from luck of available decent fruits, and soaked more nuts and seeds, and made many quinoa-lentil salads. I did not like running in a mask, so I have exercised at nighttime on the streets, when nobody was there, and met unusual number of coyotes.

        I acquired many skills that I always wanted to have, like weaving (including fences), making raw vinegar from various fruits, fermenting, catching wild yeast for sourdough, baking flat breads from unusual things, air-drying (flowers, leaves, and clothing), soldering, wood burning, drilling, polishing, some basic woodwork to use with prunings, new hand and machine embroidery styles, new monotype techniques, eco-printing, eco-dying, paper-making and transforming, bookbinding, junk-mail art-journaling, sewing from reclaimed fabrics, refreshed crochet, macrame and knotting, propagating in sand, building growing containers from recycled  food-grade plastic, rain-water gathering (eventually got two recycled barrels), and a bunch of others.

        For several month, I turned the veranda into a propagation station and dismantle it later, after planting the seedlings. I could not get any new seeds or compost for the new layer of the soil-building, as planned, so I composted in the ground and made mulch out of anything I could find. I repaired almost all irrigation problems and built new drip lines, so the garden had some improvement nonetheless.

      • 2021

        In Spring, I work in the garden a lot, planted additional trees and vines, and got fully vaccinated. I changed gears an old Singer (a present from a dear friend), sewn and bought clothes from natural fibers. In Summer, I started seeing friends. Then stopped because of Delta variant, and resumed in Fall: going for drinks and parties outside, and hosting game nights. We flew to New Hampshire and solved some problems there. My close friend in Germany could not visit, but they bough a house with a garden. Second time in life, I celebrated Thanksgiving with new people in beautiful Fallbroock, thanks to a new friend.

  • History

    Events in the human history, times long gone, the scientific study of the past.

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