Style of Presenting

To simplify and order my verbal and visual depictions,  I sort all my manners to offer something for display or consideration by modes, moods, objects and subjects of representation, and color.

I do not think like many that every painting tells a story, but I do believe it contains a message of some kind. To me, visual renderings and writing are quite types of communication: visuals can provoke verbalization, and writing stimulates imagination. The messenger and the receiver can unite on some level by this act of communicating

Narrative and Visuals


  • Story, tale - accounts of happening, description of a scene or a character, including visuals;
  • Technique and process of narrating - many paintings are performative: the brushstrokes and line quality matter.

A narrative is an account of a series of related events or experiences, fictional or not. Narratives can be presented verbally, via still or moving images, or through a sequenced combination of media. I obviously used it in filmmaking and story-writing, and more open to interpretation in fine art.


  • Formation of mental visual images and their rendering;
  • Interpretation of feelings, thoughts, and complex ideas in visual terms;
  • Capturing visual reality and editing it for presentation.