Rag Paper

I use 100% cotton,  heavy-weight (300  g/m2, sturdy but flexible) moulded in Europe (in Italy, France, or Germany), chlorine and acid free, pH neutral rag papers, guaranteeing long conservation and inalterability over time.

High-quality cotton-fibre paper is known to last hundreds of years without appreciable fading, discoloration, or deterioration

I love rough texture, but often I use cold-pressed watercolor paper as well, which is moderately textured.

The cotton paper I use almost exclusively is the one of the world-best naturally bright white rag: watermarked Fabriano Artistico, this is internally and externally sized  watercolor paper, brilliant white without optical bleaching, with no animal by-products used.

Dating back to 1264, the Fabriano mill’s fine arts papers were used and highly praised by Michelangelo. Nowadays, they are committed to renewable energy and make extensive use of self-generated hydroelectric power.

For graphite and zen ink, I often use Strathmore 500 Series or, especially for collage, Southworth 100% cotton watermarked sheets, or variety of original Japanese and Chinese papers.

In the past, I used French Arches, watermarked, almost exclusively rough.

Title Created Date
In Enso February 2020
Virginia Triangle February 2020
Virginia Laughing February 2020
Competition Contemplated February 2020
Sleep and Dream October 2019
Justified Jealousy December 2018
Mitochondrial Eve December 2018
Tower Cafe December 2018
Landing Layers October 2018
Major Tom September 2018
Never in Japan August 2018
Personal Cards and Notes February 2018
Out of the Blue January 2018
Splendid Waste November 2017
Beach Bar October 2017
Start Rising October 2017
Peel Off Reality September 2017
Gender Trance June 2017
Testosterone February 2017
Tribal Fire December 2016
Enclosed Ecosystem November 2016
Jungle Call October 2016
Fall Religion October 2016
Down by the Water October 2016
Match Street September 2016
Crown Thorn September 2016
Inorganic Insistence August 2016
Locked by Light August 2016
La Jolla Canyon January 2016