Currently featured works by Lena Nechet, a European artist in California.

Works of visual art by Lena Nechet - hand made graphic art, compositions made by applying pigments to a surface (paintings and drawings), artistic productions, digital graphics, designs.

Collections of fine art works by Lena Nechet organized in series, as single art pieces and polyptychs.

Series of fine art works by Lena Nechet.

A collection of paintings that express ambiguous meanings and shifting perception of reality.

This art collection includes paintings with erotic themes.

They range from black and white works in charcoal on found archival paper and pastel mixed media to watercolor and acrylics in all sizes.

This art collection includes spontaneously created paintings reflecting human condition, elegance of existence, changeability of state of being, meditative observations, surprising insights, and striking compositional ideas.

Intricate mini-artworks, small works of art.

Raster and vector illustrations by Lena Nechet.

Draw your mind! Meditative Drawing project - mindful doodling, mindless art, lines of life - express yourself, go after your motivation if you are inspired or set yourself free from some feelings and thoughts.

Miniature art pieces assembled on cards for special presents and greetings.

Experimentation, blueprints, sketches, alla prima, live sessions, swatches, art materials and equipment.

Sketches, studies and art concepts and experimentation, created by Lena Nechet.

Visual designs by Lena Nechet.

Films and videography by Lena Nechet.

Short films are shorter than feature films, duration under 40, often 1-15 minutes.

Videography by Lena Nechet..

Art photography by a fine art painter, Lena Nechet.