In 2022, we are going to play a new conversational game with art pieces. Three artists are participating with their works, two of my friends. I will introduce them to you with invitations, but please do not look at our published art before the game!

The objective of the game is to find joy from discovering differences and similarities in our perceptions and interpretations of art pieces. In the future, I would like to extend the game to other types of creations, but for the first test run we will have only pictural works.

We will play by these rules, seven for each type of participants:

Art Game Rules

  1. Artist(s):
    1. Prepare several of own original works to display;
    2. Pick them by prioritizing those that:
      1. would spark variety of interpretations,
      2. entail multiple meanings and can be a subject of conversation,
      3. or unusual perspectives and depictions;
    3. Organize them in order of priority, from first (surely will be shown) to last (might not be shown due to time restrictions);
    4. Present each of their works in order to the participants, so that each person has a good look close enough, and then set it on an easel in a central place - artists will go in circle, presenting their first priority works in the first round, second in the second, and so on.
    5. Listen to the feelings expressed by the audience and gracefully react in rather emotional than explanatory manner, not revealing revealing any facts or own concepts before every viewer has voiced their perceptions;
    6. Explain their perspective on their artwork and the process of its creation;
    7. Answer all questions as much as possible or desirable.
  2. Participants:
    1. Evaluate quietly each piece presented, observe it thoughtfully, possibly from various distances and angles;
    2. Formulate your emotions the artwork evokes in you and form ideas and opinions in your mind, try not to be distracted by the words of others;
    3. Express your feelings in you turn and tell everyone what you see and understand;
    4. Listen to other evaluations;
    5. Comment on other people's thoughts, if you like;
    6. Ask any questions at the end of each presentation;
    7. Give your general reflections and suggestions by the end of the game.

The rules will be refined as we move forward, of course. Please note, that every person can play both roles. Every artist / presenter becomes a participant when it is someone else's turn.

I hope you like the idea of such game - provoked by a few of my friends a few months ago. After the game we will stay for a party.

Suggested Dates

Please comment below or contact me for your preferences.
  • January 16 (Sunday) - the new Californian mask mandate, requiring masks to be worn in all indoor public settings, regardless of vaccine status, should end by then;
  • February 12 (Saturday);
  • February 13 (Sunday);
  • (Most likely end of February - March).
The first art game and the follow-up, art party
  • Properties: private, informal, recurrent
  • Goals: fun, conversation, communication, play, evaluation
  • Details and previous answers (message me with any additional questions):
  • Who: friends, artists, interesting people, people who we like, a person who you would like to accompany you
  • Why: Art is exciting.
  • Place: Oceanside, California, Airport neighborhood, North of 76 and Benet (or Foussat), on a hill behind a small river, the house is on the right, at the round end of the short destination street, easy street parking
  • Organizing: by invitation only, sent via text (SMS) or email, please tell me whether you are coming, and whether you want to bring someone, within 3 days, so I have a chance to invite other people in case of "no", who may live further away or are less familiar with the crowd, and please send me a note if you would like to attend and I have not messaged you for some reason
  • Caution: in the garden, step only on the white stones (to not stumble and to save seedlings)
  • Setup: inside, one large room, leave your shoes on, hard floor, open windows for air circulation, guest bathroom in front of the main entry diagonally to the left (North), the first door in opposite to the kitchen direction, table with 12 soft chairs, coffee table with 8 soft armchairs (neck support), optional 8 hard chairs, cocktail table and bar with 6 tall soft low back chairs, 28 persons capacity with soft seating, 36 persons max capacity
  • Dress Code: dressy casual, creative outfit, festive attire
  • Food and Drinks: bring your favorite drinks, if food, than vegetarian, ready to serve, easy to handle, we will have simple refreshments
  • Arrangement: food arranged Swedish style, finger food, pick and pour your drink, select your food yourself, take as much as you like, bring your drink and plate to your seat
  • Dishes: open kitchen near the big table - please find what you need, all silverware is in a big drawer to the right of the refrigerator, all the dishes are in a glass shelf by the bigger kitchen window, to the right - drinking glasses, standard wine (24), highball (12), tea (9) and smaller coffee (9) glass cups, to the left - white porcelain plates and small bowls, bigger glass bowls (4), serving plates (5)
  • No Need to Bring: one-time use plastic items


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