Glad you are here! I appreciate your time spent on my site. You are very welcome to have a look at my artwork. I can also offer a few services, primarily related to visual arts and languages. By means of expressive visual communication, clear structure, and refined verbal message, I help people in creating impressive public image. 

Note: This site was not launched yet. Most images were added for testing and will be replaced with better versions.

In 2017 I had rebuilt and transferred my site to a new domain with my name. The process of consolidation and publishing materials will likely take several more months, and I hope to present my collection by mid 2019.

The next significant steps will be:

  • automation of service requests with price estimates,
  • opening subscriptions;
  • establishing a database of my artwork collection (over 200 paintings and miniatures);
  • publishing about a thousand of photographs;
  • moving my various writings into the blog.

Wish you the very best, hope we will get in touch.

Welcome to the official site of Lena Nechet.
visual artist, filmmaker, videographer, photographer, private language instructor, personal language trainer

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