Thank you for checking out my site.
Here you will find my artwork - fine art paintings and drawings, photographs, a few films, my offers of services related to visual arts and languages, and some personal information.

In 2017, I started building this website after I got this domain with my name. I was living in Orange County, California, then. The process of consolidation of all my materials will be continued in 2021. The next significant steps:

  • uploading my body of work in fine art, over 300 pieces;
  • moving my various writings into the blog;
  • adding photographs.

Now I am based in San Diego again, not in the beloved South Park in the city, but in the North County. Maybe we could connect in real life as well one day.

Wish you the very best and a good week ahead!

Thank you for checking out my site.
visual artist, filmmaker, videographer, photographer, private language instructor, personal language trainer

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