Digital Art

Art compositions created with computing devices.

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology.

  • purely computer-generated, e.g. fractals, algorithmic art, etc.
  • manipulated scanned or digital photographs;
  • images created using vector graphics software,
  • images drawn using a mouse, stylus, or fingers on graphic tablets.
  • 3D art.
22 Animals Paintings Lena Nechet

This is a remix of fragments of classic European paintings that have episodic animal characters in them.

I put together this digital derivative work to highlight the character of these beings that artists of previous centuries lovingly included even into official paintings. I have chosen about 130 details from primarily oil paintings that are fairly famous but the animals in them are less noticed.

22 Propaganda Lena Nechet

Two examples out of so many where international crime states and individual actors demonstrate coordinating propaganda via government-controlled media and a multitude of specialized websites that appear in top search results pages and create an appearance of significance.

Image: mocking Russian Federation propaganda - migrating birds to spread ethnic-specific bioweapons from Ukraine - Russian Igor Konashenkov (Игорь Конашенков), Tuva minority Sergey Shoygu (Сергей Шойгу), Tucker Carlson (Такер Карлсон) of FoxNews.

22 Caviar Russian Luxury Watch Lena Nechet

To make an example of a visual spoof advertisement, I have chosen to satirize products by Russian brands: one of luxury watches and smartphone cases named Caviar, and vodka Russian Standard.

Caviar, Vodka
22 Ivory Tears Lena Nechet

In one version of this visual piece, I wanted to contemplate multiple levels of irony that can arise when artists try to use politics to advance their career. To make this project meaningful, I'll address ivory trade and the mass slaughter of elephants. The other version is made to be critical to myself as well.

I will touch upon inaccurate accusations in fetishism, improper use of term "cultural appropriation" together with distasteful use of works of individual artists, especially if their artwork in public domain or unattributed, and will offer an example of post-modernistic approach taken to absurdity.

Almost all cultures had violent pasts that led to tragic consequences. Almost all cultures created artifacts, which our modern creations might resemble. I wish modern societies come to a common ground about cultural appropriation to allow more freedom and respect among individuals of all backgrounds. We have right to learn from one another. Ideas are not under copyright* protection for a reason.

We live in a time of accelerating distraction of wildlife, intensified suffering in expanding slaughterhouses, highest concentration of capital and possibly power - these are objective truths. To solve these problems, we need to resist division and to talk about controversial subjects.

In this visual piece I wanted to contemplate multiple levels of irony that can arise when artists tries to use politics to advance his career.
Fetishism, Cultural Appropriation, Copyright, public domain, Post-Modernism, Absurdity
22 Anachronism 1111

This is an illustration of an anachronistic mix of art and script styles of four historic ages.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
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