Meditative drawing was my project for switching my mind off in the middle of almost anything else, at the time when I could not paint in the environment I was. It is started with zentangle-like doodling, but it looks like it never was about patterns for me, just about drafting compositional ideas.

The principle is:

Focus deeply on simplest possible drawing
and see what is possible in this tight frame.

When I noticed how involved I became in this liberating activity, I made up a rigid set of rules:

  1.     Use the same white cards;
  2.     Use the same implement (e.g. a technical pen) or two, same color (s);
  3.     Don't plan, don't stop, don't correct;
  4.     Do it often for a while, better daily;
  5.     Diverge from imperfectness;
  6.     Forget time and space;
  7.     Finish in minutes.
My index cards are mostly 2 x 5 inches (grainy paper, recycled content), my pen of accidental choice is Sacura Pigma Micron 03 (o.35mm), archival pigment ink. Later I added a red one, 05.

This is not exactly Zentangling, or zen-doodling - I later learned these terms - but it is a nice drawing meditation.

I've being doing this stuff for years to express current set of mind with anything I had within reach, often in color (if lucky, with my 26 of Stabilo), and not by these rules, but similar.

Most of my cards are made on a recycled index card, currently, of unfortunately low quality: the inc had flown in unexpected directions, the resulting lines and spots were partially incorporated into the pattern on the go, not always nicely, but the aim was just to focus completely.

Well, it is fun, I just need to find better (less grainy) 100% recycled or wood-free paper, or to try gel inc pens with fade-resistant ink on the cards I already have.

Wish you the best focus on things that are meaningful to you, or on emptiness.

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1 Principle and 7 Zen-Tangling Rules for my Meditative Drawing project.Meditative Drawing


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