Most plants are multicellular organisms, photosynthetic eukaryotes of the kingdom Plantae.

Green plants provide a substantial proportion of the world's molecular oxygen, and are the basis of most ecosystems.

There are about 320,000 species of plants.

Non-extinct Viridiplantae, "green plants" that are capable of photosynthesis and of storing starch, include:

  1. Land plants (Embryophyta)
    1.     Non-vascular land plants (bryophytes):
      1. Liverworts (Marchantiophyta),
      2. Mosses (Bryophyta),
      3. Hornworts (Anthocerotophyta);
    2. Vascular plants (tracheophytes):
      1. Clubmosses (Lycopodiophyta),
      2. Ferns and Horsetails (Polypodiophyta);
    3. Seed plants (spermatophytes):
      1. Gymnosperms:
        1. Conifers (Pinophyta),
        2. Cycads (Cycadophyta),
        3. Ginkgo (Ginkgophyta),
        4. Gnetae (Gnetophyta),
      2. ???? Flowering plants (Magnoliophyta), Angiospermae:
        1. Basal:
          1. Amborella - a shrub,
          2. Nymphaeales - water lilies,
          3. Austrobaileyales - woody plants like star anise;
        2. Core:
          1. Magnoliids - magnolias, nutmeg, bay laurel, cinnamon, avocado, black pepper;
          2. Monocots - true grasses (Poaceae) or grass-like: orchids, rice, wheat, maize, sugar cane, bamboos, palms (Arecaceae), bananas and plantains (Musaceae), ginger, turmeric, cardamom (Zingiberaceae), asparagus (Asparagaceae), pineapple (Bromeliaceae), sedges (Cyperaceae) and rushes (Juncaceae), leeks, onion, garlic (Amaryllidaceae),  lilies, daffodils, irises, amaryllis, cannas, tulips;
          3. Eudicots - apple, maple, sunflower, dandelion, cabbage, macadamia.
          4. Chloranthaceae - fragrant shrubs;
          5. Ceratophyllaceae- have no roots, love water.
  2. Green Algae: Mesostigmatophyceae, Chlorokybophyceae, Spirotaenia;
  3. Streptophyta.



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