Written representation of thought, longer and illustrated texts.

Title Created Date
Release of Liability January 2024
Philosophical Talk Game January 2024
Powers of the U.S. President May 2023
Federal Bureaucrats May 2023
Native Americans in WWI March 2023
City for Angels February 2023
Reverse Appreciation February 2023
Sex Differences in Aggression and Empathy October 2022
Furtuna 2014 - Male Agression September 2022
2007 - Brain Chemicals Involved In Aggression September 2022
Evolution by Natural, Kin, and Sexual Selection September 2022
Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation September 2022
Sapolsky 2002 - What Females Want September 2022
Teen Field September 2022
One Rain September 2022
Terror Territories September 2022
War Spin September 2022
To a Seedling September 2022
Dust Rug Mom August 2022
Defining Critical Thinking August 2022
Notes on 12 + 12 Rules by Jordan Peterson January 2019
Like Us November 2014
Privacy Policy November 2020
Stay Healthy March 2020
Custom Built Editing Computer January 2020
Artwork Bill of Sale November 2019
Why I Write About Myself November 2019
First Grown Tomatoes July 2018
Missed Rothko Play in the Local Theather July 2018
Critical Thinking Introduction April 2018
My Artist Signature January 2018
Artwork Authenticity January 2018
Terms and Conditions December 2017
Last Runs and Walks in 2017 December 2017
Fruitarian Dish on Airplane - Fruit Plate April 2017
Stress Level after an Early Run July 2017
Huge Papaya March 2017
Fresh Grapefruit Juice Daily March 2017
SpO2 2 Hours after 5K January 2017
Happy by the end of the Day January 2017
My Macronutrients in the 3rd Week of 2017 January 2017
Frozen Berries from Trader Joe's January 2017
Crispy Watermelons December 2016
Nishi Shiki - Nishi Health System by Katsuzo Nishi December 2016
My Favorite Yoga Asanas and System Nishi Elements December 2016
Lucky Sun Hours November 2013
Same Food Every Day March 2016
Tired and Happy - 20 Years Vegetarian April 2013
8 Limbs of Yoga November 2013
Pool Swimming November 2013


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