My longer texts, including formal essay for college.


Privately, I classify my information in a multidimensional system resembling a cube with protuberances.

Here are some of the themes that interest me about nature and society:

  1. Arts and filmmaking;
  2. Programming, web development, and business;
  3. Ecology, orcharding, nutrition, and ethical lifestyle;
  4. Finance, investment, and civil law.
  5. Linguistics, public speaking, and creative writing;
  6. Planning, design, science, culture, politics and economy;
  7. Literature, poetry, and non-fiction;
  8. Technology, internet, communication, and people;
  9. Health and introspection.



In 2014, I decided to improve my English and took several courses in a college that I could reach on my electric bike from my new South Park home - in the downtown San Diego. This essay was one of the first I submitted for the Critical Thinking course by a visiting professor from UCSD. It is about the young generation and social media. The subject was assigned. Nowadays, I would have written it differently, less feisty and suggesting other forms of manipulation - I appreciate Frontline and disrespect Facebook! Though, we were asked to produce just a report-like critique piece. But that was a stage of my history in English language presented as found while I was clearing for good my Google drive, with a bit of formatting.

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