⭕ Adolescence

About 1990s - after puberty into early youth: my teenage years and my early twenties.

Adolescence, growing up, is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development.

First Boyfriend Lenanechet By Lena Nechet

After returning back to the country, I was enrolled into an old red-brick building school with strict rules. One boy in my class payed quite a bit of strange attention to me, often in a naughty or disruptive manner. I ignored him for a while, but something in his daring persistence appealed to me, as well as his exceptionally good looks. We started talking, and then started going for long walks by a river.

This photograph I took on one of the walks. I just started with dark room back then, so this film was poorly processed.

A story about my first relationship with a boy in adolescence.