Our get-together in April 2024 will be on Saturday 20th, 5 to 10 pm.

We will continue answering the questions, and maybe play other games. We have a suggestion to add some tricky situations and complex decision-making to the philosophy game.

This time, let us try to avoid all processed sugar and grains from snacks. Please bring anything healthy and plant-based.

Post Party Notes

Thank you, guys, for this wonderful evening. Two new amazing people joined us.

We discussed what makes us rich (various points of view, from richness of experiences and ability to perceive the reality as it is, through the richness of senses and ability to feel, Maslow's pyramid, trusting relationships, to plainly emergency funds), whether to grant AI that became smarter than humanity some rights (that was an exciting exchange, after which we went onto a long tangent on current politics), and to which extent altruism is real (a whole range of opinions, from this is a myth to it is just a biologically developed feature in social animals). Then also, whether voting should be mandatory (with radically opposing opinions, with modern history examples illustrating what happens when too many people do not vote, voting discouragement campaigns, and staying informed without excessive time investment), after which we talked about motivating people, temperaments, drive to do things and whether and how it could be encouraged.

We planned another type of event and I will send a draft of the rules to work on it to a few people.

I made two fresh flower and herb infusions: one warm and long (6 hours) and another hot with hibiscus. I also made a tomato-high-protein-organic-tofu salad with about 17 ingredients (herbs, spices, seeds, etc.). We also had fresh strawberries, apples, loquats, sparkling cider, white wine, champagne, German beer, mandarins, and a few other snacks.

  • Who: friends, a person who you would like to accompany you
  • Place: Oceanside, California, Airport neighborhood, North of 76 and Benet or Foussat, on a hill behind a small river, the house is on the right, at the round end of the short destination street
  • Parking: easy street parking, there is a big street light on the right side of the house, the front door is to the left of the garage, the narrow path to it should be automatically lit, the ring bell is to the left from the door, caution: in the garden, step only on the white stones
  • Organizing: by invitation only, sent via text (SMS) or email, please tell me whether you are coming, and whether you want to bring someone, within 3 days, so I have a chance to invite other people in case of "no", who may live further away or are less familiar with the crowd, and please send me a note if you would like to attend and I have not messaged you for some reason
  • Dress Code: dressy casual, creative outfit
  • Setup: inside, one large room, leave your shoes on, hard floor, 28 persons capacity with soft seating, guest bathroom in front of the main entry diagonally to the left (North), the first door in the opposite to the kitchen direction, find hygenic items you might need in the mirror cabinet there, in addition to the hand towel, there are small individual and paper towels
  • Food and Drinks: please bring drinks and snacks you would enjoy, but only vegetarian / plant-based, ready to serve, easy to handle and share, we will have simple refreshments
  • Food Arrangement: Swedish style, cold buffet, one counter for all refreshments, take your drink and plate to your seat
  • Dishes: open kitchen near the big table - please find what you need, filtered water from the top refrigerator dispenser (push activated), all silverware is in a big drawer to the right of the refrigerator, all glasses and plates are in a glass shelf by the bigger kitchen window, please choose what you want


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