This is my set of 77 philosophical questions, which I have selected from many hundreds I found in a multitude of articles, discarding many that were either already addressed by science or were too specific or not interesting enough, and then edited good ones or came up with short generalized versions for our conversational game.

5 Rules of the Game: 

  1. Draw a question blindly.
  2. If you like it, read it aloud, if not, draw again, you can skip two questions.
  3. Interpret the question creatively and give a short and a long answer, addressing comments and questions.
  4. The next person repeats steps 3-4 for the same question until everyone participates.
  5. The last person picks the next question, step 1. 

All questions assume "for you" or "in your opinion" if not stated.

77 Questions:

  1. Is justice more important than forgiveness?
  2. Can we achieve world peace?
  3. What makes you rich?
  4. How beauty and ethics are interconnected?
  5. How do you love?
  6. What does honor mean to you?
  7. How are you different from people you know?
  8. Are you ready to grow older?
  9. Can you love unconditionally?
  10. In which areas are you most creative?
  11. What is your spirituality?
  12. What is needed in a marriage?
  13. When violent fighting is justified?
  14. Can you be polyamorous?
  15. When do you need perfection?
  16. How does your happiness feel?
  17. Would power change you?
  18. Are you searching for happiness?
  19. Would you rather be attractive or respected?
  20. When can you know someone well?
  21. Must art be created with a specific aim?
  22. Does technology control you?
  23. Should nudity in art be socially acceptable?
  24. Are there things you want to forget?
  25. What would you do with a billion dollars?
  26. Can one piece of art be better than another?
  27. Is equality more important than fairness?
  28. What is necessary for friendship?
  29. Why did your last friendship end?
  30. Can you choose feeling joy?
  31. When emotional pain is good?
  32. What is the meaning of your life?
  33. When unanswered love is sustainable?
  34. What is your passion?
  35. What is your biggest regret?
  36. Would you rather be pretty or lucky?
  37. Have you felt hatred or rage?
  38. What is evil?
  39. Do you have free will?
  40. When aggression is ethical?
  41. What can you think into existence?
  42. Is there permanence in reality?
  43. What are the sources of your moral code?
  44. Can religious beliefs impact your relationship?
  45. To what extent had your original culture impacted your life?
  46. When your life is successful?
  47. Can one culture be better than another?
  48. Should political voting be mandatory?
  49. What makes a good leader?
  50. What are the most important human rights?
  51. Would you like to live forever?
  52. When one plus one is not two?
  53. How do you know you are loved?
  54. Can love be bad?
  55. Is lust necessary for romantic love?
  56. Is suffering avoidable in love?
  57. What are your first memories?
  58. Can you choose to love someone?
  59. What makes a person good?
  60. What unites humanity?
  61. Are some people more valuable than others?
  62. Why humans are more important to us than other animals?
  63. When death penalty is justified?
  64. What makes a person wise?
  65. Can people change their core character?
  66. What does it mean to know someone well?
  67. Are intentions more important than outcomes?
  68. When is killing justified?
  69. When can lying be good?
  70. Can the end justify any means?
  71. When wrongdoing out of ignorance can be excusable?
  72. Are your dreams vivid?
  73. Can truth be dangerous?
  74. What are the main sources of your knowledge?
  75. When do you escape from reality?
  76. Why is there something?
  77. What is existence?

This is my set of 77 philosophical questions, which I have selected and edited or invented for a conversational game.Philosophical Questions, Talk Game, Conversational Game, Game Night


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