Let's get together on a Sunday afternoon to draw sketches and talk about arts.

This idea arose partially from my previous experiences, and in part in conversations with local artists. We are planning to meet in Carlsbad and in Oceanside.

Current State

By July 12, we almost agreed on two events:

  1. First, hosted by Peter in Carlsbad, on this ranch, Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park.
    Suggested: July 28, 12pm - 2pm
    This is what he is saying about the location and the materials:
    This is mostly an outside place with architectural attractions. If we were to do figure drawing, we have pedestrians (who are moving and unreliable) and each other, if we want to go that route. With some planning, I could set us up indoors and with some small lights, and a little bit of privacy. Probably shouldn't paint in that space, however, but drawing and WC would probably be fine.

  2. Second, hosted by me, Lena, in Oceanside, to the North of the Oceanside Municipal Airport on 76 (Google directions), at my place, inside.
    Suggested: August 18, 12pm - 2pm

    Media restrictions: pencils, pens, some watercolor - non-messy non-dusty and odorless art supply (no oils, no acrylics, no pastel, charcoal, etc).


  • Place: Oceanside, CA, Carlsbad, CA, North County, San Diego
  • Time: afternoon
  • Properties: informal, recurrent
  • Goals: fun, communication, creation
  • Features: group, free
  • Artwork: sketch, life model
  • Links:
  • Contact QR Code:
Informal artist gatherings in North County, San Diego, Oceanside or Carlsbad, second Sunday afternoon.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
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