Art Principles

 Emphasis, Contrast, Proportion, Rhythm, Balance, Harmony

Six Principles of Art

  1. Emphasis - focus or focal point of the composition that attracts attention first.
  2. Contrast - difference and dynamic range in value, opposites in hue and saturation.
  3. Proportion - scale of the objects,  relationship of elements to the whole and to one another,  perspective (distance between and around), and size between objects.
  4. Rhythm - movement, repetition or regularity of art elements.
    1. Movement - visual flow, guidance for the eyes through an artwork, suggestion of motion that gives a feeling of action.
    2. Pattern - uniform repetition of an art elements. 
  5. Balance - equilibrium or stability, symmetry and asymmetry.
  6. Harmony - variety and unity of art elements.
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