A conceptual miniature drawn from a Czech figure sculpture of an aroused devil, made in a home-museum of a local fellow artist.

In Slavic folk tradition, chort (чёрт, чорт, or Czech čert) is an anthropomorphic malign demon, depicted similar to lower devils, with horns, hooves, and a tail.

Always wear your invisible crown?

People tend to think that any symbol of absolute power or glory would give them meaningful significance. The tendency in hierarchically-minded humans is to squeeze maximum influence out of any position. We all need to be on guard not to follow this partially instinctive inclination, which can result in corruption of our minds and societies.

Why do you want more supremacy or legitimacy? Who compromised your honor? What is missing in you?

If anyone attempts to tell you that you can achieve higher status simply by telling yourself so, beware: they might do it to maintain or increase their own power over you. Placing yourself higher than others by the cheap trick of fantastical self-talk can result in a dangerous disconnect from reality and  misplaced behavior or demeanor.

Do you need to be crowned to understand a new concept or to laugh with a friend? Do you want this constant distraction?

Imagine wearing a crown to help yourself design a new one, to assist in keeping a straight posture, or to prepare for the role of royalty as an actor - for a while. Then it might become a nuisance.

See and present yourself truthfully, if you have the freedom.

  • Title: Crowned Brute
  • Reference Code: LN18G10CBT
  • Materials: graphite on paper
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 in
  • Collection: Side Illumination
  • Set: single panel


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA , LenaNechet.com
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